New EMU PRO software version 110.3 Release Candidate

We’re happy to announce the new EMU PRO 110.3 Release Candidate software update.

This version brings a minor Smart Grid readability improvement and multiple fixes:

  • DBW: fixed spring force duty cycle base channel value
  • VW CAN stream improvements (i.e. correct ABS emulation)
  • Engine Cranking: Prime pulse behaviour fix for “On first trigger signal” activation
  • DSG Blip Tables: visibility restored
  • 10-bar Pressure Sensors are configured properly


Download the EMU PRO 110.3 Release Candidate today and test it out! Share your feedback.

Download Link:

The Ecumaster Team


Thank you, I would like to ask if there is a plan to make editable names for custom inputs, outputs and rotary switches

how it looks with the new Keypad with the rotary switches?

is there a possibility that we get the checkbox Select " N at lowspeed brake" ? like in black emu,
Can we get the blip disabled above percentage pps ??
Like in black we have Max pps position for blip.

I noticed when i have 8 percent pps and shift back it over shoots with 2500rpm…

Pps 0 its perfect

And for long term adaption lambda
we are missing min CLT , max percentage of adaption. => maybe flag a fault when going touching boundaries ?

The integration with a 5x3MT keypad (with rotary encoders) will be released on Friday.

Hi Jan, i have a 2nd problem is it somehow possible to raise the Fuel Table to 250 not 200 :blush: thanks

and for future is it possible to add a map like Fuelpressure correcting injection timing :smiley:

Which fuel table? Volumetric efficiency?
If you need over 200% volumetric efficiency, correct your calibration data. Often, mistakes are caused by wrong fuel pressure or injector data.

Using the fuel pressure sensor in the pressure regulator setup will automatically correct the injector flow depending on the measured differential pressure. There is no need for a table.

You can use a custom fuel correction table, add any channel you need on the axis, and make corrections however you want.

Yes, there is a plan for that. We want to put custom stuff in the project tree, allowing custom names. The user’s memory will limit the number of custom elements instead of some arbitrary limit.

But that is a big task, and it’s waiting for its turn.

We will add it to the list.

Go to “Drivetrain / Gearbox / Gear shift / Blip” and enable the “Blip level is DBW target min” option.
The blip level is an additive correction for the DBW target without this option. This means that if you downshift while on the throttle, the DBW blip will be higher than when off the throttle, and that’s what you are experiencing. After selecting this option, the blip level is a target override if the current position is lower. Otherwise, there is no blip.

Why limit the long term by CLT? CLT can block the short term, so when the short term is blocked, the long term does not accumulate anything, but I think the values learned previously should still be applied.

However, I will add a custom activation condition as a parameter for most of the strategies, so the user can make any condition to block the strategy.

Adding long-term correction limits is a good idea. I will also add that to the list.