PMU non motosport usage


I have recently discovered the PMU and it looks intriguing to replace the current electrical fuses, switches, etc with a PMU.

Nevertheless, in the user manual has lots of warnings with the first one being “The ECUMASTER PMU is designed for motorsport applications only and
cannot be used on public roads!”.

Since my car’s main usage is public roads and not racing, I was wondering what the reasons for this warning might be and whether is it safe to install a PMU or not.

Thanks in advance for all the answers.

That is our legal protection.
The same as “For Off-Road Use Only”.

Many countries don’t allow modifications of cars that can drive on public roads.
Overall, PMU is perfectly safe to use. However, it might not be entirely legal, depending on how and where you use it.

Thanks for the swift reply!!

How can I choose the “correct” PMU for my car? Are there any guidelines?

If it is exposed to getting wet, choose the AS model and if you necessarily need data logging, choose the DL model. If you need more than 16 outputs, select the PMU24.

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There are three main specifications you should look at:

  • number of outputs,
  • maximum current per output,
  • total maximum current for the device.

You need a list of all loads you want to connect to PMU with the approximate current those loads will use. From that, you can check if a specific power management will be enough to run all the loads.

We have 4 versions of PMU:

  • PMU-16 (no built-in logger memory),
  • PMU-16 DL,
  • PMU-16 AS,
  • PMU-24 DL.

If 24 outputs are not enough, you can also use multiple PMUs together.
You can check the differences between PMUs on the website:

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