Pre intercooler temp sensor doesnt work


my pre intercooler temp sensor does not work, it keep staying at 120degrees al the time, also when i disconnect it it stays 120degrees.
i did make i mistake with wiring for sure, one pin goes to analoge input 4 and the other pin to sensor ground.
can anybody tell me how to do it?


PS the sensor is tested, have the same sensor for ‘‘normal’’ IAT.

I believe you need a pullup resistor to 5v if using a temp sensor on a non dedicated aux input

found this one now, is it like this?
im using a sensor like below.

Are you using a Classic, or black? There’s a software selectable pullup in the black

i use a emu black.
found it indeed in the software, but the pullup resistor is bigger than 330ohm its 470ohm, does that matter?

It should work but check the calibration of the sensor

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sensor calibration will be off from 330 ohm to 470 ohm pull up but it should read something when plugged in.
Check you’re wired into Analog 4 and not the pin beside it or something. continuity test between the ecu and sensor, make sure all connections are good and secure.

it works now.
did switch the pullup resistor in the software and it did work.
tomorow when its completly cooled down i check if the reading is correct.

Whats the Analog #4 pull up set to? Should be ‘1M pull down’ when using an externa pull up resistor

i dont use a external one.
i was first thinking that i have to do it with a external one thats why i posted the picture.

i did now select the pullup resistor for analog4 in the software and i just run a wire from the sensor to the analog4 input and a wire from the sensor to sensor ground on the emu.

Yes the 4700 internal pull up resistor will work, but isn’t an ideal resistor value to measure that range of temperature. Be sure to calibrate to 4700 ohms with the sensor wizard.

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thanks again hahaha, forgot to calibrate to 4700ohm in the sensor wizzard.