CLT calibiration table for 1.8t coolant sensor?


im looking for the right calibiration table for my stock 1.8t coolant sensor.
the vw/audi part number is 059919501A.
thanks for helping.

I think this is listed in the sensor wizard as “Vw beetle CLT sensor”

If you do find a table please post it here!

no, i did try that one but it show about 20degrees hotter than it actualy is.
looks more like the bosch sensor 0280130039 but maybe its also a littlebit of.

For my setup VW passat 1.8t APU i use these settings, when car is cold IAT and CLT is same temperature so reading should be right.
Screenshot 2024-04-16 105446

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thanks than i have the good settings now.

did you add a physical pull up resistor also?

i have pullup for both IAT and CLT and it works

thanks, what value resistor did you use?

is this about a emu black or classis?
i have emu black and i did it like this.

i missed the word: physical, sorry about that.