Putting 12V to Digital Input Pins

Hi All I have seen many times guys saying no problem to have 12V on Digital Input pins and now I see on the PMU section that putting 12V on anlog pins may change value from other sensors.
So i have hooked up turn signal and lights on Digital Inputs and everything works fine.
last event we were having an issue where the fuel pressure value was acting crazy it was doing something like rising of lets say 0.1bar every minutes i know for sure the pressure was not moving because fueling was right so i thought sensor was bad but it is a brand new ecumaster sensor.
and now on our last event no problem during the all race so is it possible that it was from feeding 12V on DI pins ?
Thanks for your reply

I’m not sure if I understand you properly. PMU doesn’t have digital inputs pins. All available inputs are analog inputs. In normal condition supplying 12V should no affect any inputs with connected sensors.

Sorry i was not clear it is on an adu 5 but i was supposing it shares the same electrical design with the PMU.

So it is easier. Digital inputs have own input circuits with comparators so input voltage is spearated from microcontroler as well as other inputs.
So it is not your issue.