S3 8l ESP Fail FW 2.169

Hello people, I have an S3 8L built in 2003. I have an EMU Black running with FW 2.169 and every now and then I have an ESP error in the speedometer. Ignition off/on = error gone. It also only occurs sporadically… Error read via OBD in the ABS/ESP control unit and no error is stored. Could it be due to Beta FW 2.169? If so, which one should I downgrade to?
Thank you for tips

I have an A3 8P and have experienced the same thing occasionally for the last year or so. Has happened on various FW versions on V2. I am now on V3 and it happens less, but it has happened once or twice on V3 in the last couple months

I occasionally see a blip in the CAN logging channel in the EMU Black and wonder if there is an occasional CAN Bus “hiccup” which throws the light.

I did just replace a failing wheel bearing…maybe that contributed to it? I’ll be keeping an eye out for further errors.

If anyone else has any theories I’d also like to hear them.

That’s exactly how it is with me too. Or should you solder a resistor into the CAN BUS?

My CAN-bus resistance seems fine. I don’t know enough about the actual transmission of data on CAN-bus or if there is some priority or collisions happening that cause it. Its very infrequent on V3.

Hello, can you give more information on how you set up the ESP cuz I have a problem using it with EMU Black plug in ECU

how does that work in a a3 8l ,golf4, leon 1m based car.
if im correct the stock abs/esp system work with canbus.
but the emu doesnt support the abs/esp with canbus right??
dont you get always error in this case??

with a esp car it start braking on the spinning wheel but the emu doesnt do anything to restrict the engine power.

so i gues that something have to get done to the stock system so it dont work anymore??

System doesn’t work but there are no errors because ABS/ESP can communicate via canbus. The control unit works error-free. But sometimes the error lamp is on and no error is stored in the control unit