Speeding Up My PC virus?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has had this come up, I recently downloaded the latest test versions for ADU and PMU and since then my PC has flagged this app as a potential problem.

I get this error message every time it does a scan (around 4 times a day), for now I am leaving it blocked.
I am unsure if this is software from ECUmaster or if its something malicious that found a place here.


Before any software release we check all exe files and installers with virus total service (it checks with all known virus detection engines).
So it is probably a false alarm or the file could be infected on your machine.
To make sure try to visit the virustotal.com web page and scan this file.

I had this same issue last week @FloorItGarage . My companies Cyber Security department contacted me wondering what EMU_Black.exe was why it was triggering this warning with Microsoft Endpoint Protection.

The files were submitted to Microsoft for an investigation which came back clean. I am guessing something about EMU_Black.exe’s signature of usage is being flagged by Microsoft as a “false positive”. Will still likely cause many people some headaches if it continues.

Everything associated with EMU Black seems flagged for me. The Installers, uninstallers and executables.

EDIT: this is the latest release from the test site. 2.166

hmm perhaps I will un-install and see if it clears up

It looks like the microsoft antivirus treats the emu software as a malware. We are investigate why it happen.

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It seems that microsoft fix the issue. After update it stops to shows our programs as SpeedingUpMyPC threat.

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Great news, haha I am pretty bad at keeping up to date with software updates on my PC itself