Sr20 misfire after ignition cut

Hello guys.

I have a strange problem I faced in two defferent sr20det both with emu black.

If I hit revlimiter or launch control with ignition cut ( loud bangs and flames) for a few seconds after that the engine misfires on one or two cylinder then it clears out and everything is normal.

It seems like spark plugs getting flooded.

No matter what I try even with the smallest bang it has this missfire.

I never faced this problem in other engines with emu.

I don’t think i’ll be the only to tell you not to run an ignition cut on an SR20. Their valvetrain is very finnicky and you’re likely to throw a rocker shim out and damage things.

Post a tune and log file, be prepared for us to talk you out of it lol

Yes I know that and I don’t use it obviously.

It just happened to tune another sr20 and I noticed the same behaviour.

It’s the only engine that it has these symptoms and I’m very curious what it causes this misfires.

Btw previous owner had hks standalone for 7 years and it was one of the loudest revlimiter I’ve ever heard.
100% stock engine never throw rocker arm.

Now I put black on it and I get this strange misfire even with tiny bangs, not even half of what it was before.

Log will not show anything.

I need someone who had this before and know what it is. :wink:

It’s probably pushing oil out of the lifters.

And you’re right, I don’ have experience with this specific scenario because I don’t use ignition cut rev limiters on SR20’s.
Without seeing your settings/log one can’t advise on how aggressive it’s been setup, or if its over fueling and washing the cylinders. Without data, its just speculation.
The japanese standalones (tomei, Apexi, HKS) all seem to have rev limiter ramp in and fuel cut very figured out as I have witnessed similar stories of people bouncing limiter for years with no issues, swapping to a standalone and tossing rocker shims.

Oil pushing out of lifters scenario doesn’t seems to be realistic because it needs 4 or 5 seconds before it get back to normal.
Oil pump pushing 6-7 bar of pressure should push out lifters quite faster than that.

Again I DONT use ignition cut on SRs it just happened to see the same behavior in two defferent engines.

Having misfires AFR looks rich obviously…

It’s not the first engine with hydrolic lifters I tune but I only see this “problem” on SRs.

As for the hks I didn’t check the tune but for sure it wasn’t ramp up limiter or something like this.
It was straight hard with about 200-400rpm hysteresis limiter.
I’m still very impressed how this engine last so many years like this.