Switch Board Analog Input as TPS

Hi! We just recieved our EMU PRO 8. We want to setup it on an engine dyno in an enclosed room. We run the CAN bus 1 outside the room and control the engine via a control box with all the needed buttons. We now want to use the potentiometer of the control box as a TPS signal for DBW via a CAN Switch Board. The PRO software only lets me choose a direct Analog Input but no CAN input as a TPS signal. Is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance!

Did you mean APS instead of TPS?
TPS - the throttle position sensors are directly on the throttle body.
APS - the accelerator position sensor is the “gas pedal”.

It is not currently possible to use an accelerator over the CAN bus. We can add an option like that in a new version, but the next release will probably be in January. To start using it now, you could put temporary wires for analog connection to the remote accelerator. Switch to full CAN bus after the update.

Yes sorry, I meant APS. Alright sounds good, thanks!

@daniel Feature implemented in beta version 103