Emu Black DBW problem

Analog inputs see pedal and throttle plate.
When i press pedal Under “Analog inputs” i see voltage change(TPS voltage, analog #3), so pedal working.
When i move throttle plate with hand under “Analog inputs” i see voltage change (analog #1 & #2).
When i check “Output tests” for H-Bridge #1A and #1B throttle plate moves i can hear that, see visually and also i see that on analog inputs voltage change.
But when i press pedal throttle plate does not move.
When i try “DBW calibration tool” i have got an error:“Theposition position of the throttle doesnt move. Plese Check if the position sensor and electric motor are connected correctly.”
Triple checked the wiring all fine.

Here is video from screen: https://youtu.be/mQ-BY5c244g

Car is VW Passat 1.8T APU, Bosch throttle 0 280 750 009

Please help.


Am i wrong or do you have + and - switched up on your second PPS ? (Analog 3)
In your DBW Parameters it says further down that second Sensor is half of first.

(Do not take any other Values. My engine currently doesn’t run either and i don’t know why. DBW works though)

I found the reson. Was wrong settings under Sensor setup–>Analog inputs. Now is working and DBW calibration tool did the job. When was calibration i saw throttle mooved from 0 to 100%, but now after calibration throttle do not respond when i press pedal, still something to research.
In my opinion In your case Tps voltage = signal from pedal and Analog #3 should be inverted signal from pedal. When you press the pedal tps voltage should increase and analog #3 voltage decrease.

What settings do you have Analog inputs–>Sensor inputs for channel #1,#2,#3? Throttle calibrated for me, but pedal does not respond, voltage changing when i press pedal but throttle not moving.

I’m currently at late shift. The analog input resistors are all on default. (don’t know what the value is rn. I think 1M pulldown or something)

Maybe as idea out of my head: remove the safety of 2nd sensor is half of first completely for now.

(And maybe 1-2 screenshots of the settings you have)
And what is connected at analog #1 #2? #3 should be your second pps?

Dbw sorted base map for audi 1.8t helped from www.ecumaster.com.
Car srarted, few things to finish.
Cant wait for V3 update and start tuning.

Nice. :+1:t2: What was it in the end? Settings or something physical sival wrong?

My 1.8t AGU doesn’t start. Couldn’t find out what the problem is so far.

I used the base map dbw started to work. Then i chaged ignition settings other way. 4-2-1-3 & 1-3-4-2,
also changed fuel injector settings.

With second PPS pot. Input active?


:+1:t2: Looks good. Did you change a lot in the tables of VE and startup/cranking and Ignition?

Which injectors do you run?

Changed nothing to tables for first start. Played with ignition because car wanted to start and did not, was some pops in exhaust, so i changed ignition outputs and started the car.(i have old type coils with external amplifier, amp wiring confused little bit).
Injectors is siemens deka 630cc/min.
Screenshot 2024-04-16 133217

Oh. Those are good for quite some power.
Could you maybe send me a screenshot of you primary and secondary trigger?
and do you use the built in MAP-Sensor?

Yes i use Emu Black built in map sensor.
Her is triggers.

Thanks a lot. I will compare taht on the weekend i hope. I think mine is different though. What year is your engine?

VW Passat 1.8T APU 1999.