Trigger error „unexpected missing tooth“ spark plugs in/out

Dear community, Hi friends and tuners!
I am new here in the forum, I have bought an ECU Master Classic to run my VW 16v Turbo Engine.

I Build in the cable works, everything is installed and all sensors are alive now. Ignition is working and fuel Pump and distributors are flooding in.

I use a 60 - 2 trigger tooth Wheel. I have tested the top dead Center with timing light (sparks not screwed in for less pressure at the battery) and the Synchronisation is well done without trigger error. Now the problem: if I screw in the spark plugs and repeat the test procedure a trigger error appears: „unexpected missing tooth“ and I can See the failure in the scope as well. So the whole ignition timing is Not longer working and I can‘t start the Engine.

Fotos are Not allowed to Upload for me as new user :confused:.
Does anybody know whats going on here?!

Best regards, Bastian

I found the problem. It was just a VR sensor, not a hall sensor. Additional I hab to change the pin. Now everything works fine.
(If you Look at the description above it stays hard for me to understand that it worked with cranking without spark plugs.)

Dont matter, have a nice day all of you…

Just slightly wrong trigger settings can lead to very strange behaviour. Just look around the forum. In my setup (1.8t with VR Sensor) if i use pulldown setting it is working without issues till 4000rpm then i get a trigger error. With setting “none” all is fine.