Vauxhall (OPEL) Astra H VRX 2.0 Turbo Wiring

Hi, maybe you can give me an advice . I try to wire a EMU Black into a Astra H VRX with Start - Stop switch. I activated the dedicated can stream and after some try and error I found that the Start-Stop switch is configured to CAN SW2 - so I configured the EMU accordingly. As Grund Output for the Starting Relais, I wired Aux1.
Now when I try to turn the car, the whole current is shutting down and the car stops turning.
I tried to linkt the Starting Relais directly to ground. This turns the car - for it is directy connected to the battery, but all other systems in the car are shutting down.
I think the CAN BUS shuts everything down - so I decided to explain my problem to you.
Firmware is the latest official 2.169