Vector CAN interface

For USB to CAN interface, the ECU Master USB to CAN, Peak Systems PCAN-USB and Kvaser USBcan systems are recommended.

Would a Vector VN1640a CAN/LIN interface also work for communicating to a EMU Pro 8, ADU7 and PMU16?

those are not recommended to be fair those are the one that working I don’t think vector would work despite being probably the most professional tool from all of them…

It’s not that they are recommended, but they are the only ones that are supported.

Vector tools are not supported by Ecumaster software because there is not enough demand for them. There is not enough demand because they are too expensive for this use case, and almost nobody uses them outside of very specialized work.

Fair enough. I only ask because I have a full selection of Vector hardware including the VN1640, VN1630 and different Vector CAN loggers and software at work, so means I don’t have to purchase additional hardware. All good, I will order a can to usb interface.