Wideband sensor location?


my lsu 4.2 wideband sensor is dead and i think because of the location where it sits.
is the location that you see in the picture to close to the turbo?
and is it worth to switch from lsu4.2 to lsu4.9 widebandsensor?

thanks for helping.

The recommendation from Bosch is to put the sensor as close to the engine as possible without exceeding the allowed temperature.

You can confirm if the sensor is too close by checking the logs. Look at the channel “WBO Heater DC” in moments when the engine generates the most heat. If the DC drops to 0, that means the sensor is too hot, and ECU is switching off the heater.

Another thing that kills sensors is the heating strategy. Heating the sensor before the engine is running is risky, because if cold water condensed in the exhaust lands on the hot sensing element (780C), the thermal shock can physically crack it.


Make a little heat shield with ally or copper plate and sandwich it inbetween the bung and sensor. Alternatively the innovate heatsink bung works well.

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i go log it like that,thanks for the good info again.
should you pick the conservative heatup or the fast heat up?

also a good one to try, thanks.