Wireless steeringwheel panel

when can we expect this wireless steeringwheel panel for sale?

is there already info about how it work?

January 2024 sales start.

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What do you want to know about the work ?

It works at 2.5Ghz frequency. You pair it witht the can bus receiver.

There are 8 buttons, 4x 8 position rotary switches and 2 inpus for paddle shifts. The delay between pressing button and can message is less than 50ms. The enclosure is made from fiber carbon. The buttons are top quality Otto switches.

We will also offer the transciver and can receiver as separate modules to allow building custom panels.

thanks for the info.
so the reciever and tranciever both come with the steeringwheel panel?
what kind of price are they gone be?

I have the same question now!

The main product will be a bundle of steering wheel panel (transmitter) and receiver box.
The exact price will be announced when the sales start, but it should be cheaper than a similar product from BlinkSTOP.

Another product will be a bundle of transmitter PCB and receiver box.
This will provide a way to make your own panel for the steering wheel by connecting switches to the transmitter PCB. This bundle will be cheaper than the one with a complete steering wheel panel.

And lastly, you will be able to buy the steering wheel panel or transmitter PCB without the receiver box. A single receiver box can receive signals from multiple panels simultaneously. This allows you to swap the steering wheel in a car without any configuration or pairing of the transmitter. Another use case is to have an additional panel in the pits for engineers/mechanics to use when working on the car.


Is there any more news on this, I can’t see it forsale so I assume its not available yet?

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