2JZ IACV options (in EU)

OE 2JZ idle valve prices got out of control, so looking at the alternative and saving some EMU outputs. And I’m not going DBW atm.

Just started researching the topic, so
question to practitioners, what are you using when you’ve a choice on boosted application?

To my understanding:

  • full stepper motor valves are really an overkill, and chew lots of outputs from ECU
  • 2 wire PWM (3 wire plug) Bosch style (0 280 140 562), smoother to control than 1 wire PWM
  • 1 wire PWM (2 wire plug) Bosch style (0 280 140 516) , seems to work just fine, a bit sensitive to Voltage changes, but understand EMU ccan compensate.

Also, pls confirm I don’t need a check-valve if I’m connecting pre-post throttle blade instead to atmosphere.

So is it that old Bosch 1 wire PWM (2 wire plug) IACV is actually best (& most cost effective) option overall?