Audi A3 3.2 Turbo won't start when hot


I can’t find where the problem is.
A3 3.2 2005, engine code BMJ.
The engine does not start when warm or hot, when cold, for example after the night, it starts just fine. When hot or warm, I can start the engine if I press the accelerator pedal when starting.

I had a similar issue and played with my ASE table as well as my IDLE-Afterstart DC scl table to give me a little more throttle plate opening at higher temps to give enough air to fuel mixture.

I imagine it isn’t the same for every setup and base map but that is what I needed to do to correct my hot start issues.

Provide a log and map here and I’m sure some more educated folks than me can weigh in.

My maps


Post a calibration and log from cranking on the hot engine.


Hello Artur

28112023.emub (146.1 KB)
Log file, impossible to load with extesion .emublog

Cold start from start log, hot start from 37:40

Thank you

Now emublog extension is allowed.


no idea what my problem is?

something strange with fuel pressure when cranking.
and injector PW too low. no fuel - no start

Hello, i have only one idea- check wire to DBW and Accelerator

may be…
set in idle prarameters - DC during crankink = 100%
try use crankink ign angle = 5 btdc
and dbw characteristic in 0/0 cell = 10

I know about this parameters, i will try again.

Dont work. All the same.

You could try importing individual maps regarding start and idle from the BUB base map that ECU masters provides. I know when I got my plug and play Black the car fired right up cold, and minimal adjustment had it firing up hot.

Something to think about or try maybe?

Yes, I try it. but everything is the same, it won’t start.

I’ve had the same issue when intake got too hot. My R30T needs quite more fuel as IAT rises above 50 degrees, which is easy to achieve while driving in a traffic jam or after filling gas. Try to play with IAT fuel correction on idle, after some time it will get hot enough + add some fuel on cranking