Automatic transmission control

Looking at a Pro16 for an update to a project we are doing. Some of the features added with updating the ecu could be handy and the ability to make features as needed adds an additional value. When working with the project tree to create custom features is the limitations in the manual only to the project tree or is that the total for the entire ECU? Also when making tables in the project tree how do we select a created table / function/ or number when creating a new table as an axis. Seems most of what I would need is in place to develop a transmission control strategy just working through the software to make sure I can.

did you find something to control a automatic gearbox ?
I hope i can control a 44RE gearbox from jeep wrangler

They are plenty of secondary options on the market. Was hoping to build in the control system using the available project tree stuff. But hit a bit of a road block working out how to do it, and just have not had the time as of late to get back to it.

Hi This is something another friend and I are eagerly awaiting!!
The problem at the moment is that even though the ECU has dozens of AUX outputs only 5 can be accessed and used through the project tree via “custom outputs” > A,B,C,D&E
We have been promised access to more a long time ago but so far nothing has happened.

Once we can use the AUX outputs in the project tree we can start to develop logic functions to actuate the solenoids through PWM and switching actions to pretty much control any auto trans… But we need access to the outputs! :slight_smile:

We are adding five more custom outputs in the next update in about a week.
Will this be enough for now?

After we release the direct injection support, we will focus on adding dedicated support for specific planetary boxes. The first is a Toyota A340. The next ones will depend on the availability of the test platform and available information about the gearbox.

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Never mind these old shit gearboxes.

There are enough controllers that work.

Focus on 8hp. Moste important box in the market.
Only needs canbus support.


Hi Marek

Ok that will be great! Yes 10 will be good!

The gearbox Adam knows well is the 722.6 Mercedes 5-speed which is very common and popular for conversions to things like 2JZ. Comes out in almost every single Merc since 1998 up to current models, also Jeep, Sanyong and the Dodge Hellcat SRT Gen3 Hemi!!
(There is also a 7-speed and 10-speed version that are fundamentally identical but not so common)

Apparently almost indestructible and usually cheap to buy because they never break!!.. Used parts yards/wreckers all have lots of them in stock.

They have fairly unique shifting style using pulses to move the solenoids… similar to an air shifted sequential manual box, with a few other signals like pwm for shift speed and one for converter lock.

Adam has programmed them with other platforms already so he knows all the requirements :slight_smile: … we will be sure to share all the settings with you!



Do you have the needed CAN bus data description?
Otherwise, it’s a couple of months of reverse engineering and tuning.
And there are 8HP controllers on the market that work.

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I have some data. I can get it to shift and drive.
But not fully functioning like oem. As i choose not to invest the time int. I can get it to work. No doubt about it. But at what time cost. And everybody can copy my work… No thanks. I choose different partner to develop can gateway to do this.

About 772.6… its old needs rebuilding 80 percent of the time. Shifts slow

Ultimatenag52 works perfectly like oem
Its cheap 500 euro. Support is coming for aftermarket ecus. 722.6 will never get it to function like them without months of reverse engineering.
You can get close.but why take the effort of direct controlling that gearbox.
There isnt a single aftermarket ecu that works perfectly with this gearbox. I tried 4 of them .
Al of them take way To much time to get it good enough. So i drove stock egs51 ecu. And later tuned egs52. And then ultimate nag52.

This is just my experience with this. So.

I agree it would be well worth chipping away at the 8HP!! Its applications are incredibly widespread all over the world. People are always asking and talking about it. Yes there are aftermarket controllers but the main asset of a powerful ECU is not having to use additional hardware. Thats the whole idea!

Any progress on the A340?

We have been working only on direct injection till now.
Next week I will be working on adding the dedicated strategy for A340.
The first public beta should be available after a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience.


I have a 94 TT Supra that is almost completely original. I would love to assist or get sponsored in your project for automatic transmission controlling in the Supra using a stand alone ECU. My current mods are 4” Front Mount Intercooler, Tomei Full Exhaust + dp (no cats) and an aftermarket intake. Please let me know if this would be of interest as I have a lot of free time that I can use for data logging and I’m looking to get a stand alone ECU that supports automatic transmission ASAP. I am in the USA. Thank you!

Thanks for the offer, but we already have Supra with EMU PRO, which is waiting for the strategy.

Now we just need a bit of time to implement it.