Black strange cold issue

engine not running, but MAP show something strange.
tell me where to look for the reason.

Using internal MAP. Check engine code reports its failure, why?

maybe because i use map filter?

and it logic not well?

try experiment (i need builtin map offset, but not from parameter, i want recalibrate it).

it is ok, now when 766 mmHg, i see 102kpa, not 109.
uncheck checkbox “filter” and see 212 kpa

return it back, set filter power =1 in 750 and 1068, run engine.
it work ok when filter=0, but when RPM slow down and filter become 1 - map spikes again to 228kpa

and unfortunately, this forced me to put filter power not zero to all cells

Upload a tune and log, we can’t be much help otherwise.

The map is behaving correctly in the screenshot, but I am not sure what is causing it to change drastically like that, I think you are changing settings?

The map sensor is absolute and the displayed MAP value is as well. Other ECU brands use MAP as a gauge pressure, Ecumaster does not. Accounting for barometric pressure I expect to see the MAP value around 100kpa depending on what altitude you are data logging at.

Thanks for attention.
20240124_2259_19.emub (145.8 KB)


I am not sure I understand the problem you are having.

With the engine running the MAP sensor is reading correctly and consistently. I would revert the settings back to default.
To me that section in your first screen shot, which I can see in the log, looks more like changing settings then a sensor failure. Pressure sensor failure is usually sharp drops, not a gradual change. Unless a vacuum line is being pinched or collapsing. Many tune or electrical issues are actually mechanical problems in my experience.
I’ll also add that the failsafe setting is 50 kpa, the log is showing 49 kpa but with the check engine code also showing MAF i think this is the failsafe overriding the value. We can’t log internal MAP raw voltage so best you can do it change the failsafe and see if the issue replicates.

Now if you’re having cold start issues, I’d remove fuel on cranking and warmup enrichment, all those corrections are very large and could be washing down cylinders. Acceleration enrichment is also very rich and I’d be removing fuel there too

no, map sensor settings not change on first screen. changes do in cranking fuel.
yes i understand 49 = failsafe, but before failsafe occured - strange downfall from abnormal 150 to short circuit values (below 0.2 volts i think).

vacuum line = hard PTFE tube, not susceptible is being pinched or collapsing.

cold start fuel and ASE - too low, engine cranks long and diseling when fired. I’m sure the reason is lack of fuel, when i remove fuel - engine long cranks and not starts.
WUE - yes, to rich, removed fuel, It’s rare to get cold during the winter, this not be tuned, just get from basemaps from g-drive.

pls explain how to recalculate sequential PW on cranking, to “batch all injectors”, what divisor should I use?

p.s. for my engine, guaranteed curve for a good start looks like this: