Bosch 4 pin pedal

Hi, i have a Peugeot 206 RC and im wiring emu black on it.

Im having trouble with the accelerator pedal with only 4 wires, this is common pedal on many Peugeot, so i have this pinout:
1- sensor 1
2- gnd
3- sensor 2
4- 5v
But it does not output on sensor 1 and 2 0-5v or 0-3v.
Currently car is working with renault pedal (6 pin) but cannot fit it in place.
Are these Peugeot pedal any different?

If you connected 5 V and ground, and you don’t see any signal change it’s either wrong pinout or broken pedal.

Just figured after trying a 6 pin Peugeot pedal and other 2 pedals.
Output is a digital signal, it has a tle4921u hall sensor inside and outputs a digital signal.
Changing to a vw bosch pedal.