Cable Throttle Body Gear Cut

Hi! I‘m missing a gear cut function for our electrically actuated sequential bike transmission in our formula student car with a cable throttle body.
When trying to use any of the modes in the transmission tab, I get a “blocked - no DBW configured” status and can’t use the gear cut functionality like on our EMU Black. The shifter gets actuated via paddles and simple custom outputs but I cant find any way to create a project tree function for a workaround on the gear cut. Also already tried to use the anti lag function for it but I cant configure cut length or delays with it, which makes shifting very unreliable.
Any suggestions? Tanks!

Please describe your setup in more detail.
Do you have a gearbox control module, or is everything done in EMU?
Which gearbox type did you select in the Drivetrain category?
Project and log will also be very useful.

Since you mentioned the blocked state with DBW not configured, I guess you have an issue with downshifting. When downshifting in a normal situation, you should make a throttle blip, not an engine cut. Power cut for downshift is used if you do it while accelerating.

If you are in the blocked state while upshifting, you have the wrong configuration. I need more information about the setup to discuss it in more detail.

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The Engine has a cable actuated throttle body, thats why DBW is not configured.

Our setup is pretty “dumb” and doesn’t require any blip to downshift. We only downshift, when there no load on the transmission. The gear cut is only needed for upshifts.

I want to cut ignition and fuel for upshifts with an adjustable delay and cut length. I had this exact setup already running on our EMU Black last year. For our setup it seems “Sequential manual lever” or “Sequential paddle-shift” could be a good fit in the transmission tab but both of these give me the state output “-40 Blocked - DBW not configured” and I can’t use the Torque reduction functions because of that. I can send a project file and log in the evening. I made a small diagram of the hardware setup:
Untitled Diagram.drawio

You have to set the blip method to none.

Since you use a motorcycle engine, you should have a gear position sensor. Why not use closed-loop control?
Anyway, if you want open-loop control, you have to change the “Shift finished feedback” option.

You also have to assign the inputs correctly, so the ECU knows if you want to do the upshift or downshift.