Can we get Faster Start up?

I have noticed from the DET3+ and from Classic and Black Versus other ECUs DTA or Megasquirt… IT delays half a second more to activate spark. Fuel injection is good (since we have prime pulse). How can the spark calculation start faster and not wait a full cycle first to identify the TDC (or whatever is bothering it) ?

I’m actually very interested in this as well. I used to start my engine with half a crank before installing the emu black. It would be awesome if I could get it started like that again

you can start it on wasted spark this improving cranking but trigger need to be asymmetrical not possible with multitooth

First of all you assumed that i was refering to a sequential setup which is not the case, you can see it at the log as well there is a delay to detect rpm and to get syncronized. If you have worked on other model ECU or stock ECUs you would know what i mean… I think ecumaster firmware is conservative and want to make a full circle first before giving the green light

Also interested in this :raising_hand_man: