Check Engine reason

Is there a “smart” way how to quickly find out, whyt the status of CheckEngine is on ? I was an Big Fan of tabs like “FuelCut Reason” in older software. Now i am missing/not found some of this summary views.

There is the EMU black stream error flags, which can be logged and based on value will tell you which sensor has failed.

There’s also “fuel cut source” which will tell you in a similar way which protection strategy is cutting boost.

I think all the same functionality the Black is on the pro and more, just not all the names are the same. They’ve either split up log functions or it works in a slightly different way requiring a re-naming for accuracy.
That’s at least what I’ve found so far

Thank you for your answer. You basicly described my problem… there are so many variables, statuses, etc to look-in, nearly all renamed, so i am still searching and searching for the correct name. Not blamimng the developers, just saying the complexity is sometimes overwhelming and slowing down the productivity.

All part of learning a new platform. More features leads to more complexity. Worth it in the end in my opinion. And it’s still a much easier transition then going to a different company’s hardware/software.

Minor rant; We’re in a renaissance period of the ECUmaster brand. I see the Pro as a major leap towards brands like Motec and Emtron, but the user base of those companies is so much higher educated then ECU master’s is currently (on average looking at both). The Pro is extremely capable but there’s a lot less ‘done for you’ stuff then we’re used to with Black and Classic, so it requires creativity and fundamental understanding to use.

Must say, i was waiting for the PRO maybe 4 years, and was thinking what to do next. Because the Classic/Black was limiting us so strongly. Old ecus are so easy to use, so fast to setup and run the engine. If we are i hurry, there is easy to do zero to nearly fully tuned Car in less than 2 hours. The PRO is way, way more work just to make the basic setup. The Gap between Black and PRO is simply Huge, not like 20-30%, but the PRO is like 6-8x more capable. Like you mentioned, your imagination is the limit. What we are fighting now is, that we are not able to find some features intuitively. DOnt understand me wrong, we are not complaining, the ECU is great, software develompent is on the fly and we just need to get used to.

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You are not wrong about the check engine status. It is not intuitive in any way.
The current solution is basically a placeholder before we put a proper check engine light support in place.

Thanks for your patience.