Clutch Switch isnt going back to 0

Hey i recognized a Problem with the clutch switch Setting(Clutch disengaged). If I’m starting the EMU the state is “0” till i press the clutch once. Then the state jumps to “1” and isn’t going back to 0 till i restart the EMU.

If you use a switch to ground, you have to enable a pull-up resistor.
Without it, you always have ground on the input.

i’m using an inversted +5V signal for my clutch.
The Problem is the state jumps from 0 to 1 (Sensorvoltage changes form 5 to 0 when clutch is pressed) at the first time the clutch is actuated after EMU reset. When I release the clutch again the Sensor value changes again from 0 to 5 Volts but the “Clutch disengaged State” stays at one and doesn’t go back to 0 till i restart my Emu.

I just saw that you have hysteresis set to 2.5 V. That’s your problem.
The default is 0.5 V.

Why do you have it changed?
Or was it by mistake?

Thanks, it was the solution