Controlling audi sq7 E-booster?


im doing research about installing a e-booster from audi (electric supercharger).
it works with a 48volt alternator, 48volt battery, 48v to 12v dcdc module and the stock 12v battery can stay in the car.
on the e-booster there are 2 big cabels, one is 48volt the other one is ground, than there is a 4pin connector: Pin 1 is 12v on a 10A fuse. 4 is ground. 2 is Can L, 3 is Can H.

so long story short, it opperates by can-bus.
is there a way to do that with ecumaster products?
what i now have is a emu black with a EDL-1 and im planning to buy a tablet for virtual dash.

thanks for helping

i go try it with a canchecked mfd32 gen2, i think the best option for what i saw on the internet.

Did u already decode the CAN commuication or do u have a dbc file?
This is baseinfo needed for ur question to be answered.

no, i didnt go further with searching, is stopt the project for now.
its way more difficult than i thought.
i know that a german guy with the orange corrado did use a mfd32 for it, in combo with a kms md35 ecu.
maybe i go futher with it in the future, but not now.

Kms 35 is old like megasquirt level software.

So the trick of the German guy is aftermarket control.
Or he found out canbus messages.

he found out can-bus messages and control it with a ‘‘custom’’ ve -table in the mfd32

how do you want to control it with the emu black? its not possible i think?

Yes should be possible pwm table and canbus output. But Gone be difficult.

Emu pro8 would be easy

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For more complicated CAN stuff i am useing ECUs from MRS as an extension for EMU.
It is programmable via C-Code and has also a lot of in- and outputs (
I directly thought of this when i read e-booster control. Dont think that the CAN communictaion to the ebooster is simple.

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i think you can not get away from the canbus part of the e-booster.
or is it possible?

It wont be possible without the CAN communication.