Custom closed loop


I’m new to Ecu Master world and I’m looking for an advice, maybe with a dumb question.
I’m cosidering the EMU pro for a supercharged engine project and I’m looking for a user customizable PID control loop to control the electronic bypass valve of the superchager, via one of the H-bridge outputs.
I tried to dig a bit into the software but I haven’t found any custom pid control menu. Boost control apparently only refers to MAP (which makes sense in general), but I would need to use as input the differential pressure across the supercharger (MAP-PressureAfterTB) to be able to control also vacum losses.

Not related to this project in particular, but this custom loop feature also applies for other custom things as variable length intakes manifolds or others

Is there something to do this?
Is there any more detailed manual on software and ECUs? the one I found on the EMU PRO 16 pare are pretty skinny

There are no fully custom PID loops yet.
However, we are currently adding a custom DC motor strategy.
You will be able to control the DC motor through a custom table.
This update should drop in about a week.

There is built-in help in the software.
Not all content is there yet, but most of it is.

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Thank you for the kind reply.
The feature might still work great for me.
Is it going to be a closed loop control? Can it accept math data as controlled function?(difference between two sensors)

Yes, it will have an option to configure the position sensor and keep the position on target with PID.

Target is a table that can be 4D and have any channel on any axis. You can create a new channel that is a difference between two sensors and use it as an axis for the target table. So yes, I think you will be able to do almost anything you can think of.