DBW Backup plan

Hi guys. I am building a turbo GM LS3 in a jet boat controlled by Black and PDU16. In case of pedal sensor failure (due to moisture), I want a Plan B so I can limp the boat home.
Can I use the “Enable Can Control” to override the pedal setpoint. I can write to this address using RealDash from a special screen for emergency purposes.

Is that how this is meant to work?

This setting was used for blip on dwoinshift… external gcu was sending blip request. Possible that is an option for you…

Does the ecu override the pps value with the canbus value or does it just sum them?

The CAN value overwrites the padel.
But i think if the pedal plausibility check with the check signal fails it disables the whole dbw system and CAN control also wont work anymore.
So in ur case i think u need to disable padel check signal and somehow else determin if u have a pedal Problem.

Or u use V3 SW…there u can set a limp throttle position in case of pedal failure.

Overides traget dbw not pedal

Yep, takes 100% control over DBW target as soon as the CAN value moves away from zero. Pedal influence is now zero.

It is scaled 0-1000, from memory.

That sounds great. I will give it a full test.