DQ500 from a 2016 Audi Q3 2.0 TSI is supported by Ecumaster Black?

Hey guys,

Who have knowledge about the DQ500 gearboxes please advise.

I am considering a DSG swap in a Honda using Emu Black.

From what I studied I understood that I need a DQ500 with Continental mechatronic and No immobiliser.

I found a unit locally (code: RBW) claimed to be from a 2016 Audi Q3 2.0 TSI, but they don’t have its vin code.

Does anyone know if the gearbox from that model/year is the one I need?
Is the Immo present only on MQB (aka Bosch) mechatronic or it can be on the PQ35 (Continental) ones also?

I don’t want to mess around with mechatronic swap so trying to get what will work from the first shot.

Thx in advance and +10 to karma to those who can help. :slight_smile:


I use diesel gearbox 2016, code: QYQ. You can use RBW, but you need to buy 0BH927321A - speed sensor for gearbox.

Do you mean it has a Continental mechatronic and Ecumaster can drive it?

I mean generation your gearbox and my gearbox the same. My gearbox work with ecumaser, but I installed additionally to gearbox -speed sensor. Speed sensor was missed in gerbox with code: RBW, QYQ,SDA, SCY. I try to use my gearbox and emublack without speed sensor, but not successfully.

Do you have any info on the RBW gearbox?
Is it a TDI or a TSI gearbox?
I was told its a TSI.

Sorry, i dont have additional info.

Can confirm its a PQ35 Continental mechatronic :star_struck:

Can you please explain me why you had to add the speed sensor (is that the shaft speed sensor? have any part number?)
Why it is needed when using with Ecumaster and it was not needed in stock?

0BH927321A - speed sensor OE number

  1. Open cover pos. 4
  2. In left upper corner transfer case you can see place for sensor.
  3. Install sensor and fix by bolt m6
  4. On mechatronic pos.1 you can see connector for sensor, plugin sensor.
  5. Close cover
  6. Enjoy

You can try start gearbox without speed sensor. I was unable to complete the adaptation. Without adaptation you can`t drive.

For sucesfull adaptation you need to have very stable idle rpm