Durated 2.5 VVT not synchronization

Engine Ford Duratec 4 cylinders vvt 2.5 year 2013
Variable timing on intake cam shaft.
6 tooth cam trigger.
I can’t get the camshaft synchronization done.
There is no Duratec engine trigger option in the secondary trigger menu.
what can i do about it.
Will there be something in the v3 update that will solve this?
thank you

For my 2.5 Duratec, my solution was to modify the cam trigger.
I cut one of the teeth off and I run the secondary trigger as below.

Thanks for the advice.
I tried to remove the tooth but I couldn’t get the synchronization to work with those settings.
I tested on the rising and falling edge.
The sensor is the engine’s original hall, this probably doesn’t matter.
Maybe there is a difference in the timing of the camshaft, I have a standard camshaft, it will change for the better in the near future.
I set the trigger to “missing tooth”, Synchronization works with this setting.
However, cam1 angle 390 was shown in the VVT log, I don’t know if that’s ok.
I put a scoop picture, is there any difference to your triggers.
The V3 update brings help in this matter.

Thank you for helping.