EGT Crimping terminal

Hi to all!
I’m questioning about would be the correct way to connect an EGT probe to the EMU Classic.
For practical choice I was thinking to use a normal copper 2 way connector to detach the probe from the harness, but is it a wrong choice because the cold junction calculated in the ecu?
Or I need to crimp the terminals on the probe and insert directly in the ecu connector?

Split sensor wire and use k-type connectors like this. Do not use copper wire.

ok, i have the same question.
i have a 2 egt sensors from ecumaster:

i have on my emu black EGT1 and EGT2.
how to wire it?
on the ends from the egt sensor cabel i put a connector like above?
and than i run a egt extention cabel with the same type connector straight in the emu?

and 1 cabel goes to ground and the other to a EGT input?
or where to plug it in the emu?

This picture shows EMU Classic wiring diagram

ah ok, first i was confused becuase this is the pin numbers for a classic and not for a black.
but i understand how to do it now.

Just to be sure, you mean in this way?