Egt precision input

I have my four individual EGT sensors wired up to sensor ground and precision 123 and four range of sensing is about 30deg, Is there a setting I’m not seeing wondering if it’s set to 0-5v? and it ranges between 90 and 120. If I hook individual sensors to my fluke meter sensors measure correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Sorry, but your description is not clear to me.

  1. Are you using PRO-8 or PRO-16?
  2. What do you mean by “range of sensing is about 30deg”?
  3. “and it ranges between 90 and 120” - Do you measure 90-120 degrees with EMU PRO in ambient air?
  4. Do you have other sensors connected to that sensor ground?

From ambient to the car running raise about 30deg, I’m pretty sure I used a dedicated sensor ground but shared for all 4 EGT sensors

It is the Pro 8 ECU, is there a setting from 0-5v or MA?

There are no settings to change the measurement range.
For now, it is 0-256 mV.

The only settings you can change are measurement mode and pull resistor. Measurement mode should be set to single-ended, which is the default. You can change this in “ECU / Hardware / Precision analog”. The pull resistor should be set at 1M.

Those sensors also have polarity, so they won’t work if connected the wrong way around.