Emu black v2 lotus elise 2zz plug and play harness issue

Any help is appreciated!
I have recently bought an emu black v2 with the plug and play harness (I was told by the distributor that it was buit by ecumaster poland) for a cable throttle Lotus Elise with the 2zz motor. I followed the lotus elise manual and entered all of the inputs/outputs as suggested. I have tried inputting the same input/ouputs for A/C and VVTi, but both are not working and both were working with the factory ecu.

As far as the a/c, I can turn it on in the car and the a/c button lights up, but the a/c never turns on. I never feel the a/c clutch engage.

Now onto the VVTi, I input the settings the manual suggests. The issue with the vvti is that it will turn on/activate and instantly turn off. I have looked at the logging and I see the change to active = on, but it instantly turns off and I see the active = off status. When I am driving and get to the vvti activation point I feel the car just stop accelarating. it feels like I hit a wall, but If I change gears and continue to drive it acts completely normal.

Is there a diagram/pinout for this plug and play harness?
Is there a manual specifically for configuring lout elise with cable throttles?
Did the v2 ecu have any inputs/outputs changed for the lotus elise?

Just looked at your logs .
vvt working is not tuned properly ( target table is wrong)
lift is also set very high and on off so is settings i guess.
AC request in on Analogue 5 - this is trinary switch output for clutch is injector 5
just to be clear base map is map that need to be tuned and name suggested is a base map and tuner need to tune vvt angles and when lift is engaging…

@Greg Thank you very much for the help! I am going to continue working on the settings.