Issue with emu black CLT values


have this CLT calibration table

and in log
0.59 Volts - it is between 90 and 78 celsius .
but ECU see 65…instead of 83 -84

is there possible to do some thing with tune? while waiting fixing bug in software?

log screen (sorry, but discussion let me upload only one img per message)


Could you please provide us with the log file? I suspect that the issue at hand is not related to the firmware, but is more likely due to a limitation of the log file itself. The log file samples data at a rate of only 25hz, which raises the possibility that a wiring issue may have caused a brief voltage drop for a few milliseconds. This transient drop might not have been recorded in the log, even though the temperature data was captured and logged.


may be limitation of logging system, but Warmup Enrichment parameter reacted on thease values… it is very strange and scarying

First of all the temperature of coolant cannot change abruptly due to the medium thermal capacitance. Your CLT censor voltage is very noisy, so it can be problem with the sensor itself or your grounding.
Check if the voltage is stable when the engine is not running. If it is stable and start be unstable when engine is running it is wiring issue.

The log works with 25Hz and if the voltage is noisy the CLT can be different than the voltage on the log.
It is virtually impossible that the CLT readings are wrong and there is a bug in the software.
Especially that your voltage readings doesn’t look good.

Thanks for advise.
grounding - same sensor ground shared through TPS(DBW), OIL.Press (AIN#5), IAT, CLT, Camshaft hall sensor
in log - no see sudden changes, correlated with CLT Voltage.
Will recheck wiring to CLT one more time/change CLT sensor.

rechecked wiring to CLT - and repack it with solder sleeve.
Issue dissapeared

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