Emu black v3 open beta tests


I would like to inform about the commencement of open beta tests for the V3 software for the EMU BLACK computer.

To join the tests, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Ecumaster community forum (community.ecumaster.com).

  2. Fill out the form and then send it to the address v3@ecumaster.com. The form is available at https://www.ecumaster.com/…/Beta%20Software…

  3. After verification, you will gain access to the V3 beta testing forum.

  4. After downloading and installing the software, the program will prompt you to generate a key. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Due to significant differences between V2 and V3 software, it is not possible to import projects. However, you can copy what takes the most time, namely VE and Ignition maps.

In version 3.024, which we will provide for testing, the following features will be missing:

  • Nitrous strategy

  • Staged injection / 2nd fuel rail

  • Incomplete Help section, which is still being developed

  • Not all trigger patterns from V2 are implemented

Therefore, we are especially looking for individuals with cars in which the following ignition triggers patterns:

  • Nissan QR25DE 18-2-18-2

  • Dodge 18-2-18-2

  • Mitsubishi Colt 1.5CZ

  • Suzuki 36-2-2

  • Subaru 36-2-2-2

  • Wrangler 36-2-2

  • Audi 135 tooth, BMW 116 tooth,

  • Mazda NB

  • Lancer EVO X

  • Porsche 129 / 132 tooth

  • Rover 18-1-18-1

  • Rover 13-1-2-1-14-1-3-1 (Lotus Elise)

Work is currently underway on the new version 3.024, which should be available next week. As soon it is ready all registered users will get access to the forum. A brief tech note will also be available to facilitate migration to V3 software.


I can do trigger scan of Porsche 129+1, but the engine is on stand just before disassembly, so no firing it up.

Hi I’ve got a few questions.

Firstly you talk about generating a key, does this mean the v3 software will be locked to a single laptop?

Second question is if I have a trigger pattern that’s not listed will this stop me from getting access to beta v3?



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It is just for beta stage. We want resonalble small testers group at this moment.
When the software will be released it will not require any key.
And yes the key is for particular laptop.

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Just sent an request for the test software : )

After sending the email, how long should I wait to find out if I was selected for the beta test ?


Every day we gave access to about 15 new testers in the order they sent access documents. So please give us a little time. Today we will add all people that sent emails before 20th April.

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I’ve checked all applications today and I cannot find yours.
Could you please send email again ?

Thank you

Okay, I just sent it back to you ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I get the links but they not working …
gives me error message

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Hello, I haven’t upgraded to version 3.0 yet so as not to break something, but in 2.166 there is a bug regarding vehicle speed. when I have the vehicle’s speed taken from Wheel Speed to Can and if I wanted to take the speed from only one wheel (no matter which one) it is OK in the Light client, but in the emu logs it shows that the speed of the remaining three wheels is jumping, the engine is off and the ignition is on . although in the emu settings the remaining 3 wheels are turned off. Everything is connected to CAN, wcheel speed to can, can switch board, ADU, and the DQ250 gearbox and gear selector.

Try now it should work.

We will check it next week.

Hey. Ive got my car (vvti supra) running on V3 with no issues, it actually fired up stronger than it ever did on V2, but some of the new strategies are going to take some getting used to. The IDLE IGN PID for example. I have literally no idea what values are a good starting point on the PID itself. Also i was sad to see that the OL boost control is gone. that was so simple but effective, i didnt even touch the CL PID in V2. But hey ho, thats how progress goes i guess.
Does anyone have a map they’re willing to share that i can use for reference to make sure i’m on the right line on the new unfamiliar strategies?

email to Anton.MacMinn@hotmail.com if you are willing to share.


Please post it in V3 beta test group.

Open loop boost control is when you set all PID coefficients to 0.
It is just so simple :slight_smile:
The help for boost section will be available soon (I hope in next software release)

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Apologies, i thought i did post in the specific v3 section. I guess using facebook groups all the time has made me forum handicapped :wink:


Is it possible to switch between the v2 and the v3 or does the v3 always remain on the control unit

U can switch between V2 and V3 as often as want

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