Emu Classic random cycling when ignition off

The issue started about 3 weeks after the Dyno to give a timelapse, car is daily driven +/- 1000km/week.
Turned the key off and fan stayed on (figured the engine was still hot and there was a safety making them cool a little longer) , didnt think much of it at first. Went to my car later: battery died so i started investigating.

Checked everything and found out that both my fans AND my fuel pump were cycling ramdomly when ignition is OFF. (Tested my relays and the ecu is giving me ramdom grounds for both outputs when OFF) Wiring is fine for both accessories. What can cause the Ecu to do this. (No laptop has been connected since the tune so the prog hasnt changed since my tuner did his job )
Thanks for the help!

Toyota Mark II 1993
1jz non vvti , stock harness with jzx90 PNP adaptor. Fuel control module delete(running 12v relay to cycle on off directly from ecu output)

is the fuel pump relay coil being fed by constant 12v?

the injector outputs lift from being low side paths when the unit isn’t powered, but the aux outputs etc are ground paths when unit is off.
I swear this changed from the units I was getting a year or two ago, guessing a board revision but kinda wish it was the other way.
It’s practice to have the coil’s of relays fed by switched power, on other platforms it can actually keep the ecu powered up if its constant