EMU PRO switching / interpolating maps

Please can developers explain the basic idea how to switch or interpolate maps in EMU PRO sw ? For example how to switch VE map, how to switch IGN angle map, how to switch DBW target map, how to interpolate or switch between 2 boost maps, how to make variable launch control setting using rotary switch. Just to describe the idea. Thank you

HI learned this just recently switching map is possible with 4th map axis…

Hi Karel,
This can be done using 4D maps.
Select the Z axis wizard from the context menu to define a 4D table and configure the Z axis.
In the Creation type field select Step. Z max value depends on the number of rotary switch positions. Z step should be set to 1.

More information about 4D maps and their configuration can be found in the ECUMASTER EMU PRO program manual in the Tables section (https://www.ecumaster.com/files/EMU_PRO/EMU_PRO_Software_Guide_99_3.pdf page 19)


Thank you Luiza and Greg.
Sometimes we dont get the Idea. But now i am on the way. Just needed this little push.
Thank you