Launch control / burnout mode

It would be nice to have 2 or more LC settings so that you can set one as burnout w/o boost control active and an other with boost target.
Something like EmuB has in it It´s strategies.

@SamiN it is possible to do it. Just define a 4D table for each map you want to switch and as a Z axis use a channel with the switch (intended to change maps) state.

With this approach, using even more than 2 possible maps sets is possible.

Thats true, how did I forgot 4D tables… :laughing: Thanks!

Hmm I just realized why I was asking this in the first place…

Yes I can make 4D tables, but as LC and burnout are two very different scenarios and I want to use clutch input with LC deactivation and that does not work with BO, or max speed… dont work either…
Also in LC settings I want to use TPS setting higher than I would use in burnout.

So you may want to re-think these strategies?

I can workaround this with engine RPM limiter tables when burnout is active but it would be nice to have better strategy.

Could you confirm if I understand correctly?

For burnout:

  • clutch engaged → strategy does note deactivate
  • vehicle speed does not influence strategy deactivation
  • activation accelerator (not throttle position!) threshold around 30%

For Launch:

  • clutch engaged → strategy deactivates
  • vehicle speed above ~5 kph deactivates the strategy
  • activation accelerator (not throttle position!) threshold around 70%

We have plans for a full suite of dedicated drag racing features, and burnout mode would be one of them.

Please describe exactly how you would like it to work and what options you would want.

This is how I did it with Black, PMU (functions) and ADU:


  1. Gear N or 1 & push cankb BO button → strategy is active → LC tables #2 activates, boost solenoid DC is overrided to value x.
  2. start burnout. VSS > y & strategy is active → virtual burnout mode triggers ON → we are now burning some rubber so lets start the Timer! (for ADU and logging purposes only)
  3. virtual burnout mode is ON & disengage clutch = strategy deactivates → virtual burnout mode is OFF, LC tables #1 activates ->. Timer stops.

So with PRO and burnout, I think params. could be very similar like LC strategy has now!
It just needs different activation/deactivation params:
Clutch state
Accelerator position
Recovery delay

Does “full suite” include automatic gear shift strategy for seq. gearboxes (with pneumatic upshifter? :slight_smile:
(I might have asked this before)

Yes, everything that a top drag car needs.

Some of the planned features from the top of my head:

  • ignition angle and boost target based on the time from launch,
  • burnout mode,
  • drag gearbox support (like TH400),
  • trans brake,
  • bump box,
  • traction control based on driveshaft speed,
  • anti-wheelie,
  • parachute deployment.

If you have more ideas for dedicated drag strategies, let us know here so we have them for the future.