Emupro no spark

hello everyone. i’ve been struggling with my emupro spark. I installed on a porsche 930 engine with ITBs. When I start the engien it shows RPMs and primary Synced.
I got a Hall cam sensor kit (it uses 1 bolt on the back of the cam for reading) and the crank sensor kit (vr) 60-2 from clewett. I populeted the trigger parameters like this.

Coils and injectors are assigned. Is a 4 pin active coil on plug setup, it has good +V, 2 good -V, but i see no signal from the ECU.

crank sensor, 60-2 wheel, falling edge, sensor type VR, no pullup resistor.

cam sensor, 1 tooth, Hall sensor, pull up resistor 1K, falling edge

I dont realy know where else to look

I will apreciated your help.

Can u share basemap and logfile?

try rising edge or post scope here

Thanks for your reply’s

I will work on those thing and send the log files

Hey guys,

I have a question before anything else. I try to do an output test of the coils, it only has a wick signal when i change the coil type to pasive (no spark). Could it be a hardware problem, or am i missing a setting

Here is a scope file when cranking

scope_2024_0617_1058.emuproscp (3.3 KB)

This is the proyect

EMUPRO PORSCHE 930.emupro (21.5 KB)

Ur primary trigger signal looks very broken.
Secondary is good.
The dwell times in the scope are also very strange although ur calibration looks good.

Befor focusing on the spark u should try to get a clean scope.
I would play with threshold, edge, and filter settings. Probably u have a very noisy signal. Pullup is not needed for VR.
U could also check the gap bewteen sensor and the wheel.
If this doesn’t help u need a oscilloscope.
U connected the sensor to digital ground?
Power supply and ground for the ECU is also good?


Ok thanks for the advice, I will play with those parameters before anything else…

Do you know if the coils hold spark when testing them with the outputs testing option

I sadly don’t know…never tried this option.

Hey derUltraTT, thank you very much for your support!

I finally have spark!

Like you suggested “derUltraTT” the primary trigger was not good. I was able to get a good reading by playing with filters. Like you and Chris in ECUMASTER suggested.

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