High precission input-what could I use them for

could I use the high precission inputs like an analog input? whats the idea of them?

Their resolution is higher, 16 bits compared to 12 bits for standard analog inputs. They are recommended for EGT.

You can find more information in EMU PRO pinout PDF (the detailed one) available on www.ecumaster.com

thanks for your reply. I run out of analog inputs , so the question is if I could use these also for switches like aircon request ?

At this moment it is possible to connect these inputs to “Exhaust gas temperature” channels only. However you can create a Logical Function in Project Tree panel. As a channel use “Resources Precision analog # Voltage”. Please keep in mind two things:

  1. To change pullup/pulldown you need to temporarily set “Precision input” as a source for “Exhaust gas temperature” in Sensors and choose proper resistor option. Then change the source to the previous setting.
    Don’t set “Precision input” for EGT unless it is a EGT sensor. This value is used for fuel corrections!

  2. For now precision inputs have 0-255 mV measurement range. It would be easier to use a switch connecting the input to the GND. In such case set “10k pullup” for the input.


Can i pulldown resistor to ground and put a cruise control switch on them ? It switches 12volt oem.

Can these input handel 12-15 volt ?

Any reply? Please. About 15volt protected

Precision analog inputs are not safe for direct battery connection.
To safely detect battery voltage at the input, you have to add a resistor in series.
2k2 or more.

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