IAT Wiring Issue

Hi, I recently got a Bosch AIT for my emu black. It has only two wires. I connected one end to IAT input and the other to “Sensor Ground”.

My problem is that even if I connect the wires the other way around, I still get a constant voltage reading. It doesn’t work.

Did I connect the wires poorly? How is it meant to be wired up exactly?

Side note: A shop did the wiring for me, and he used the OEM harness, so I don’t know how he connected the grounds exactly. All I know is that he cut up some wires from my harness, and hooked them up to the ECU.

I was thinking that maybe I should connect one of the cables to the car ground, but I’m unsure if that would help.

Any help is welcome, thank you :saluting_face:

If u connect pin1 or pin2 to ground/ECU doesn’t matter for such a sensor. Also should it work independed if u connect it to sensorground or vehicle ground.
But u need pullup…did u select this option?
If yes, then ur sensor is broken or ur wiring is not as u think it is.

My settings look like this. Is there anything I should try differently?

Ur settings are correct.
I think u should check ur wiring next.
What reading do u currently get?

Let me go down the car and strip the interior, and I’ll double check my readings and wiring. Then, I’ll post the info here later this evening

Ah and what happens when u disconnect the sensor?..does the reading then change?

When disconnected, it reads permanently about 25C.

And connected, it constantly reads between 2.00v - 2.41v if I remember correctly, and shows a reading of 30C. But the temp never goes up or down even if the voltage of the sensor changes

Okay that is very strange…sounds like ur characteristiccurve is not correct.
Can u show ur characteristic curve?

I can’t find a map save from the time I was tinkering around with the IAT config right now. It’s been a while. So I’m unsure if the data I have it correct or not regarding the calibration map

I won’t be able to look at the wiring until tomorrow, but when I do, I will use the wizard to setup the sensor again, and connect the cables and see how it behaves like. I’ll post an update once I do those

One last update on this thread;

I checked the wiring and it was correct. You were right, I forgot to apply the curve map using the sensor wizard. I guess when I connected the sensor, I opened the wizard, and just closed it after seeing the correct model there (NTC M12-L).

I can confirm that on a cold engine, in the shade, it was showing 27°C. When the CLT went up to 90°C, my IAT was showing 36°C. It’s working right now.

Thank you for your help :handshake: @derUltraTT

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