K24 with GR6 GTR Transmission

Howdy! I am currently working on recreating a Cusco GT300 with a bit of a twist. We are using a K24 motor in our car with a GR6 transmission out of an 09/10 R35 GTR. A friend I was talking to recommended that I go with motec but I was curious if anyone knows if I could make it work with the ECU master system since that’s what we were going to use in the car with the K24/Subaru STI drivetrain. I know for the GR6 to work we do have to use the original TCM module out of the car. We were looking at other transmissions but the way the GR6 is set up works best with how our car will be set up.

We don’t have support for that gearbox, and we currently have no plans to work on it.
Since there are already three different plug-and-play systems for R35, developing that might not be profitable.

Motec, Emtron, and Syvecs have systems that support the R35 drivetrain.