Subaru hatchback EZ30 Turbo build

Hi folks! I’m Michal new guy here.
I’m a dude that usually doesn’t want to talk about his plans ideas as I’m a wee bit scared of judgment and hate, so I usually keep it to myself and read stuff and try to learn.

Soo I’m getting a EZ30 engine for my 07 Impreza hatchback. Basically a SpecB swap. It’s a flat 6 engine with a 6MT. This year I want to start the car either on oem ecu or on Emu pro.
But came across some tricky things I can’t really find my way around.

Subaru Impreza 07 can bus does anybody know if it will cooparete with the emu pro? I’ve heard a rumor that I’ll loose my rev gauge.

I’m wanting to go twin turbo, I have a spare electronic wastegate actuator from a previous project and wondering if I’ll be able to use two of them. From my knowledge these actuators are controlled like a dbw. I’ll use one for my throttle body and thinking that maybe going :thinking: parallel from the other to the the two actuators.

Dual maps and/or boost control via a rotary switch and buttons?
What my thinking is I still want my wife to be able to hope in and me not worry about her ending in an accident as result turbo kicking in yooo.
I’d have one base map with wastegate full open and other one for fun.

I’ve seen couple module like can to dbw or pmw to dbw, if ill have to use these I wouldn’t mind.

Oh, could never find this information, what happens with the odo meter :open_mouth: with the ecu?

It’s still a plan in the rough. First I need to get the engine and merge two looms into one. I don’t think. I’m going to do the swap myself but get somebody else to tune the car myself.

If anybody asks why emu pro? It has 2 wideband controllers :muscle: which is f amazing

Thanks and take care.
You don’t have to be specific here, just general information would be more than helpful. Wanting to clear my head and figure out what to expect

Thank you for your question. Each email contributes valuable insights to our question and answer database.

We plan to support the Subaru CAN stream in the future. We’ve successfully reverse-engineered the 2007 - 2011 CAN bus, and currently, most information can be transmitted or received using the user-defined CAN stream.

At present, the ECU supports a single Electronic Wastegate. While there’s no existing option for two separate ones, we’re open to developing this feature if necessary.

Regarding multiple maps, they are now available. With the 4D table option, you can have more than just two.

As for the odometer on the dash, it should function correctly. The ABS system is responsible for updating the distance traveled by the vehicle, not the ECU (mostly :))

Wow !!

Great news, I really liked what I saw !
The EMU PRO is definitely a total game changer.
For now I’ll stick with regular wastegate.
Not worth engineering an extra gimick for one lad.
I read about the 4D maps and I think I understand them.

Thanks ! Made my day !