Launch control basic advice please

I hillclimb a Renault Clio which has the Emu Black installed. I am an old duffer and would appreciate a simple step by step guide on how to set up the map for Launch control. Thanks

first of all - read all what you can find in google.
for duffer, optimum decision is - go to local tuning shop and tune it.
for a not rich slacker :grinning: -
determine the level of boost that is needed and the RPM at which the launch will take place.
set activation RPM about 500-800 earlier
start roll back ign angle to negative values
start add fuel over 100%
when RPM goes high - sligtly cut spark

i prefer to hold angle at TDC (0 angle), not big spark cut. and NO fuel cut, in desired boost and RPM state.

no bangs, no big stress, quite a street setting

for expamle my setup for 0.5 boost (slight lower of spring pressure of WG), and 4 kRPM:

may be not whery best in work, but work:

P.S.: MT, light clutch fx725, DBW

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Thank you for your help, all good advice