MAP sensor setup 1.8t AWP

I have 02’ Jetta GLS 1.8t AWP

I’m using EMU Black BAM ECU because I was told it works.
I wired 22 +5vref,25 analog ground,26 MAP sensor input
When I go to sensor setup/MAP/parameters I disable the built-in MAP
MAP analog input only show #1 B31,#2 B4,#3 B17,#4 B30,#5 B35,#6 B37
Where is the Bosch 3 bar MAP sensor I wired into the input?

I believe 26 on the extra connector is connected to the “internal built in” map circuit. So you should leave that checked on. With the check box checked it defaults to pin 26 for your MAP signal.

The PnP ecus don’t have a built in map sensor but the extra connector pins are wired to that, if that makes sense?

I have the VR6 BUB PnP ecus and my map sensor is wired to the extra connector, and my check box remains checked.

see attached. make sure you use the CAL table for built in map.

Thanks for confirming.
Now to get my injector Data correctly installed