Overrun fuel cut: Is there a way to delay the fuel cut?

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I hope i described my question right. I would like to delay the overrun fuel cut beginning for lets say about 2 seconds or so.
Maybe i could solve it with the fuel cut decay rate? I just wonder, if i turn down the decay rate to let’s say 50%, is there a chance to run lean and damage the engine? Even when there is no load on the engine?

This for example is from another ECU:
Here you are able to delay the cut with “Init delay” and “Cut time” should be the same as “Overrun fuel cut decay rate” in the ECUMaster Software.

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no time delay option.
you could raise up “Fuel cut above RPM” and “FC resume” - to move window of FC.
or rase up under pressure.
Decay rate - regulary produce nice pops from exaust, i not like this


It is possible to add delay for next build.
Already added to the list

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Perfect, thanks!

Will the next build be V3 or have you planed another V2 build?

There will be next v2 builds.
In v3 overrun is a separate strategy. More information about overrun in V3 tommorow

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