PCAN LAN connectivity to PMU 16

I’m wondering if anything has changed with support for connecting a PC to a PMU 16 via PCAN LAN? It used to work great but not anymore. Has anything changed with recent firmware?

Many thanks!

We have not changed this code for many years.

How many PCAN LAN adapters connected to your PC are you using?
We are using the first one (PCAN_LANBUS1).

The PCAN LAN support is NOT related to the firmware but to the Windows Client.
So you can download an old Client and try your setup even without PMU-16 connected.
All PMU Client software can be found here: https://www.ecumaster.com/files/PMU/
Support for PCAN LAN was introduced in 50.0.2-beta.

Thanks for the response telling me that the code hadn’t changed. I went back and figured out what was wrong: I had routes going to my old PC – not the new one. :frowning: