PMU24 CanX file

Trying to import a PMU24 stream into an ADU. Under Configuration I check the boxes for the additional addresses for the 24, and the use the tool for creating a canX file. When I import said file I am only getting the first 16 channels out outputs (basically like a normal pmu16 file).
Now I can build this, I was pretty stoked to find that tool in the software though, so before I go to that effort is there a pmu24 CanX or dbc file somewhere?

If not I’ll share the one I build

The PMU-24 DBC is available at
We are working on ADU software with built-in support for PMU-24. It will be available at the beginning of January.

Thanks Jan,

I am unable to save it any other way then as a .txt file. I don’t have permissions to back up a page and download.
Can you upload a version straight to the forum?

Please download the ZIP file:

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