Seat leon 1m with 02q gearbox VSS source?


i build a 02q 6speed gearbox from a golf 6 in my seat leon 1m 1.8t from 2004.
this gearbox have no speed sensor on it anymore.
the stock 02m box did have one.

i know that its possible with a stock ecu to put a golf4 immo3 tacho/speedo panel in a seat leon 1m (stock immo2) and then get the speed by the wheel sensors and canbus system.

can i send by this way also the VSS signal to the emu black?
or is there a beter and easier solution for it?

thanks for helping.

If you choose VW CAN you should be able to see separate wheel speed from the ABS system.

like this you mean?
but then i have to use the golf4 immo 3 tacho so the speedo it self work already on the car like i mentioned before?? or not?

Can you give the exact CAN settings. Is it applicable for EMU Black Plug-in for BAM 1.8T.

Just selec VW CAN stream.
The question is if the Leon 1 has ABS connected via CAN or it bases on K-Line.

this is the mk20 abs module pinout from golf4, leon 1m, audi a3 8l and octavia 1
it looks like its using canbus and only use the k-line for diagnostics.

What is a CAN status when you are connected and VW CAN stream is selected ?

im still building the engine and the car.
i did make already a kind of basemap in my left over time.
i cant test it yet.

Ok, so dont worry, everything should work. VW cars uses the same CAN protocol with some additions in new models.

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quick update…
i did finish my engine build and wiring.
i selected the audi can stream and make a wire from a emu output to the stock vss signal wire (blue/white) that was still in my stock 1.8t wiring loom becuase i use the plugin emu for bam/1.8t.
did put the vss speed ratio on 1 and the vss output multiplier on 0.95 and the speedometer did work perfect.

thanks for the info.