Wheel/Corner Speed Sensor Source/Ratio (Feature Request?)

For the Wheel Speed / Vehicle Corner Speed sensors, as I understand it you can assign an input source (either a digital input or a custom frequency channel which can be pulled from a CAN signal if need be) to Sensors 1-4 and then in that same group setup a ratio variable to scale the signal to match your specific tyre diameter. Then for each corner of the car (Front Left, Rear Right, etc) you assign one of the 4 speeds sensors OR the vehicle specific CAN stream as a source for that wheel’s speed, which is then what is used for all other calculations (axle/vehicle speeds, traction control, etc). Is that correct?

Assuming so, I just want to make sure I am identifying a couple limitations correctly:

  1. If you use a Mk60 ABS vehicle specific CAN stream then you can directly populate the Front Left (for instance) wheel speed, however the speed will be based on whatever the Mk60 believes the tyre diameter to be because you’ve completely bypassed the ratio coefficient calculation that only exists in the Speed Sensors group. It would be nice if the Vehicle CAN source option could be homed in the speed sensors group instead of directly at the Front Left level because then you could apply the ratio to the CAN data the same as you do with frequency input and I can’t really see any reason why I shouldn’t be.

  2. If you DO use the speed sensors then the ratio setting is a fixed constant that will require reprogramming the ECU to alter. As opposed to the option of using a channel variable which would allow you to adjust the ratio dynamically using some sort of selector control (eg Rotary dial). This would be useful to us because some series have a spec tyre manufacturer which will be 1 diameter but if we run a different series without that restriction then our tyre of choice would be a slightly different size. Circle Track guys would probably want this for Left/Right variance, but I don’t know how big that market is for aftermarket ECUs.

I can overcome both of these issues, of course, by simply using a custom channel in the speed sensor source setting and then doing all my scaling there (and just leaving ratio constant set to 1.00), but it seems a shame to burn 4 maths channels (and maybe 4 custom CAN Channels, but I’m hoping I can still get access to them for my calcs using the Mk60 vehicle setting) just to replicate features that already exist.

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We have plans to refactor and expand the wheel speed configuration.
Thanks for the ideas. We will take them into account.