Wheel speed to can low speed problem VR sensors

Hello, maybe I will describe my problem regarding Wheel speed to can and whether it would be possible to make a custom firmware.
Let me start by saying that I have VR sensors in my car and the ABS crown has 29 teeth.
I had to change my settings a lot, but it’s still not perfect, mainly due to Logic Threshold and possibly the filter at low speeds.
After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion whether it would be possible to make “Logic Threshold” just like a filter? so that at low speed it has different voltage values and above the speed it changes to other previously set values.
Because when I set Logic Threshold to 0.2 V, it works fine, it works from 0 and as soon as the vehicle starts rolling, it shows the speed, e.g. 3 km/h, and when I accelerate to, for example, 20 km/h, after I stop the vehicle, suddenly the speed may go up to 40 km/h and then the gearbox goes crazy and goes into emergency mode. And if I set Logic Threshold to 0.45 V and double gain (yes, I know, there is more noise in the signal), the speed is only shown from e.g. 8 km/h and not below that.
Even if I set it to send data very slowly to Emu 5-7Hz and Max frequency change to 5 kHz, it sometimes falsifies the speed.
I honestly don’t know if the filter works because if I set the values to max, the effect is similar.
I have the low speed filter at 20 km/h and the filter strength at 8 and above this speed at 5.
I have even set it to have twice as many teeth, i.e. 58, to make the settings more correct, and I set the speed ratio in Emu.
Tomorrow I will record a video of how it behaves and whether I am setting something wrong, yes, I know these sensors are not ideal at low speeds, but I cannot adapt the MR or hall sensor.